Project duration: 01/10/2023 – 31/10/2025

Project Results

Here you can find out more about the results we have planned and which have already been realised.

STEM learning through cooking

Approach and methodology

In this result, we present you with a new approach to learning and teaching. We are providing you, as an educator or organisation, with the knowledge, method, and resources to improve the learning process of adults with intellectual disabilities. Using learning-by-observation and learning-by-doing as focus of the approach, we offer materials and information on how to successfully apply the new methodology in your practices.

STEM learning cookbook

Cook book and toolkit

Whether you are an educator working with adults with intellectual disabilities, a loved one has intellectual disabilities or you are an adult of this target group yourself, in the final months of 2024 we present you with a STEM learning cook book. The cook book will be especially developed and designed for the needs of adults with intellectual disabilities and will provide interesting and easy-to-use STEM learning opportunities and information, improving the learning process with cooking and recipes.

Game-based learning activity

Activity and exercise

Using the cook book and toolkit as a base, we are planning to gamify the activities for more motivating and engaging exercises and engagement. You want to learn more about STEM? You know someone with intellectual disabilities and want to provide them with an interesting learning opportunity? In 2025, you can try the game activities and exercises combining cooking and STEM learning yourself!